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Alan Cappelli Goetz was born in Belgium and raised in Italy. After graduating from the comunication-based high school in Rimini, Liceo della Comunicazione, and  and studing in Toronto, Canada, Alan returned to Italy and entered first the Department of Architecture and then Psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome. In the Fall of 2008, he was accepted into the Italian National Film School, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia from which he graduated in 2011, while already working for leading roles in movies and tv series such as "Notte Prima degli Esami 82'" (2010), "Tutti Pazzi per Amore" (2011) "Come un Delfino" (2012), "Il Principe Abusivo" (2012), "Il Paradiso delle Signore" (2017) and "Il Confine" (2017)


Meanwhile maintaining his work base in Rome, he spent an increasing amount of time abroad to study acting and the languages and cultures of various countries, living in cities such as Los Angeles, Paris and London, which got him involved in many international projects such as "Crossing Lines" (2012), "Ben-Hur" (2016) and "Zoolander 2" (2016) . In 2015 he produced, together with Wider Films,  his first documentary "Harry's Bar", which partecipated the 72nd Venice Film Festival and won the Open award.




2008-2011  Graduated from  Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Scuola Nazionale di Cinema

2012  Actor Studio con Michael Margotta

2013  Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop LA

2014  Masterclass with Francesco Zecca



Producer & Director


2015  Harry's Bar - La Leggenda Documentary, by Carlotta Cerquetti, Wider Films, Tao2, Canale 5

2014  Piano Solo Short, by Alan Cappelli Goetz, Csc

2013  Youma Diakite for Maxim Italia Fashion Editorial, by Alan Cappelli Goetz, ph. N.Fano&K.Pineda

2013  The Trouser in Copenhagen Fashion Video&Editorial, by Alan Cappelli, ph. E.Pedersen

2013  AquinasFashion Video, by Marin Finerty, TheRoom

2012  Rough Italia One day with ACG Fashion Video, by Alan Cappelli Goetz, TheRoom/RoughItalia







2017   I Professionisti, Short, by Marco Castaldi  

2017   Il Confine, tv movie, by Carlo Carlei, PayPerMoon, Rai1

2016   Zoolander 2, Movie, by Ben Stiller, Paramount Pictures (ENG) 

2015   Ben-Hur, Movie, by Timur Bekmambetov, MGM (ENG)

2015   For You, (pre-prod) Movie, by Paul McDonnell, The Film Artists (ENG)

2014   The Shadow, Movie, by Andrea Mugniaini, Morfeo Film (ENG)

2014   Armani Films of City Frames, Short, by Jiang Bo Ming, Csc Production/Armani (ENG)

2013   Il Principe Abusivo, Movie, by Alessandro Siani, Cattleya

2012   Come non Detto, Movie, by Ivan Silvestrini, Moviemax  

2011   Le idee di Berenice, Short, by Eleonora Albrecht

2010  Notte Prima Degli Esami 82, tv movie, by Elisabetta Marchetti, IIF, Rai1

2010   Twilight saga: New Moon, Movie by Chris Weitz, Summit 

2009   99899, Short, by Umberto Francia, Eryados Ent.

2009   La Citta' Invisibile, Movie, by Giuseppe Tandoi, La fabbrichetta


Tv & Series 

2017   I Medici Master of Florence:The Magnificent, Jon Cassar, NETFLIX UK-Rai1 (ENG)

2017   Il Paradiso delle Signore 2, Series, by Monica Vullo, Rai 1

2017   Provaci Ancora Prof 7, Series, by Ludovico Gasparini, Endemol, Rai 1 

2016   Mozart in the Jungle 3, Series by Paul Weitz, Amazon Studios, SkyAltlantic (ENG)
2016   Amore Pensaci tu (House Husbands), Series, by Vincenzo Terracciano, Publispei, Can.5

2016   Sorelle, 6 ep. Miniseries, by Cinzia Th. Torrini, Endemol, Rai1

2015   Che Dio ci Aiuti 3,, Series, by Francesco Vicario, LuxVide, Rai1

2014   LarPers (Pilot) Web-serie, by Umberto Francia, Grv Italia

2013   Crossing Lines Series, by Daniel Percival, Tandem Production and TF1, NBC​ (ENG)

2013   Che Dio ci Aiuti 2 Series, by Francesco Vicario, LuxVide, Rai1

2012   A un Passo dal Cielo 2, Series, by Riccardo Donna, LuxVide, Rai1

2012   Come un Delfino 2, 2 ep. Miniseries, by Stefano Reali, San Marco, Canale5

2011   Tutti Pazzi per Amore 3, Series, by Laura Muscardin, Publispei, Rai1 (FR-ITA)

2010   Baciati dall'Amore, Series, by Claudio Norza, DAP De Angelis Production, Canale5

2010   Love will save us, Videoclip, for Marco Guazzone, by Alessandro Guida MTV

2009  Alice non lo sa, Pilot, by Alessandro Guida, (ENG)

2009  Funeral Videopclip, for Andrea di Donna, by Alessandro guida



2010  Istituto Pasteur, Cinema web&tv Adv for Istituto Pasteur, by Roberto Saku Cinardi, Web

2009  TIM, All media Advertising campaign, 2009, by Gabriele Muccino, All Media

2008  La Storia siamo Noi, TV Adv Deagositini by Giovanni Minoli, All Media

1996  Region Emilia-Romagna, TV Adv Department of Tourism, All Media




2010   Pinter, from D. Mamet-H.Pinter, by Vito Mancusi, CSC, Roma

2010   The Zhao Orphan by Long Junjie, CSC, Roma

2009  The Glass Managerie from Tennessee William, by David Warren, CSC, Roma

2008  The Tree Sisters, A.Cechov by Eljana Popova, CSC, Roma

2007  Vandali by Mirco Gennari, Teatro Della Regina, Cattolica

2006  Totally over you from M. Ravenhill  by Mirco Gennari, Teatro degli Atti, Rimini



Press Agent


Factory Four

Talent Agent



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